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Winter School Holidays 2017

Cow Milking.  Try your hand at milking one of our friendly cows, Pirate and Daisy. Milking daily at 10.30am & 2.30pm (July 1 – 16) The morning milking is followed by separating the milk and cream, churning cream to butter, grinding wheat to flour, baking some bread and tasting the bread and butter at 12. Also meet our newest arrivals – piglets and lambs


Winter School Holidays (June 25th – July 10th, 2016) Cow milking daily at 10.30am & 2.30pm. Come and have a go at milking  Pirate or Panda our friendly farm cows. Following the morning milking we will be separating the milk and cream, churning cream to butter and grinding wheat to flour, all using the old fashioned farm equipment once common on dairy farms. Then we use some modern technology to …Read More

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 25th March – 10th April 2016

Ferret Racing daily at 11am – 3pm. Watch these endearing animals race down the pipes – who will win? Open 10am – 4pm daily throughout the holidays including Good Friday. Enjoy close encounters with all the friendly farm animals. Meet our baby piglets, young goat kids, our new pony “Star” and of course the real star of the show- our baby mule born in December- come and see how she …Read More


STORYTIME daily at 11am and 3pm . Join the animals as they tell some of the children’s favourite animal stories. All the children are encouraged to participate in the story telling and it is suitable for all ages. We have quite a number of baby animals and of course some of our regulars are still here to greet the children. Holly and Smoky the ponies have shiny summer coats and …Read More